Teun Valstar pot plant nursery is a nursery in tropical houseplants, the Calathea (Marantha).
The Calathea originates from South-America, and is a very decorative plant that keeps well.
The plant is characterised by the coloured and sharp marking in the leaves. Our range presently consists of 12 different types, which we grow the whole year and are available in a 19-cm pot size with a total plant height varying between 75 and 90 cm.

The aim of our company is to place a high-quality product on the market, and anticipate the wishes of our buyers.
Our speciality are the round-leafed varieties such as the:
Calathea Angela
Calathea Medallion
Calathea Cora
Calathea silvia
Calathea Orbifolia
Calathea Rosea picta
Calathea Dottie

In 1985 we started the company on 5,000m2. In the meanwhile it has developed into a modern well-equipped company with a surface area of 35,000 m2.
The greenhouses are equipped with the most modern techniques, including a wps, sorting and packing line, with which the plants are sorted according to volume and height through computer controlled cameras.
In addition, we put out the plants with a forklift truck - which is fitted with a 3-metre wide positioning fork - in the greenhouse. Every time about 128 plants are put out simultaneously!

The environment is a priority with us.
In order to realise this, we make use of: the Ebb and flood system.
We recycle the feedwater 100%!
We also have biological disease control.
This is why we are MPS certified and MPS A certified with result.